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Biodiesel Of Las Vegas, producer and distributor of a clean alternative fuel source.

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    Welcome to BLV

    We are pioneers of alternative fuel production for the transportation and renewable energy industry in the Southwestern United States. BLV is spearheading the crusade to reduce harmful fuel emissions by converting biomass into biofuel. We specialize in the research, production and resale of ASTM quality biodiesel harvested from various feedstocks. Our proven batching process allows us to use existing economically viable oils (e.g. vegetable oil, used cooking grease and animal fats) and future cellulosic and algae oils. It is our mission to become the leader in biodiesel expansion by enlisting public participation in our clean air campaign.

  • Biodiesel= National Security, Sustainable Energy and Jobs
    By Jason Thompson | January 24, 2012

    I toured the Biodiesel of Las Vegas facility today and it was very impressive. It looks like the foundation is set for creating fuel that will deliver national security, energy forever, and lots of jobs...

  • Evolving industry translates into added efficiencies, market drivers
    By Bryan Sims | October 25, 2011

    While operational economics may be difficult for some in the biodiesel industry, others, such as Keystone Biofuels LLC, a 20 MMgy multifeedstock facility in Lower Allen Township, Pa., are finding that favorable market conditions, spurred on by state and federally mandated biodiesel volume...

  • Biodiesel is created by a process called transesterification. This process extracts glycerin from fats and oils. Once transesterification occurs, the two remaining products are methyl esters (the chemical name for biodiesel) and glycerin.


    In the Spring of 2007, Biodiesel of Las Vegas began construction on a large-scale, state-of-the-art, production facility. We have successfully completed phase 1 of the 3 phase construction plan and aim to begin biofuel production in the first quarter of 2012. This first phase allows for up to 4 mgy of ASTM certified biodiesel production. BLV will begin contstruction on phase 2 (15 mgy) as soon as possible.


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